Board Meeting Summary

Synopsis of Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting – January 6, 2015

The PCMSC Board meeting was called to order at 7:50 pm by President Kathy Kelleher, a quorum was present and minutes of the December 2014 meeting were approved.  Meeting was held at Kathy Kelleher’s home.

Website:  Howard Kantor will be the newly elected Communications Director and he is being mentored by Sylvia Bennion.  Howard is actively updating the website for prevalence and real time current events with the assistance from many valuable club members.

The website is an avenue for members to learn about activities the club offers: with descriptions, dates, times, and locations for all activities, TGIF’s and any local community events which a club member is involved with. Please look for information related to the Board meeting under the tab heading “ABOUT US” and drill down to the subheading Board Meeting Summary.  You will also find the President’s Message under the “ABOUT US”  tab.

The Board is continuing to review accuracy, real time content and added value items for the website.  The process is a work in progress and we are excited about how the website will assist our current members as well as attracting new members.

2015 Board positions: The Board is evaluating candidates for 2015 Board member vacancies.

Advertising:  Board members are continuing to distribute brochures and business cards, which advertise our club to prospective members.  Howard is working on articles for Mountain Express magazine, radio and the Park Record.

Winter Kickoff TGIF – The Winter Kickoff was a huge success.  Thank you Paddy and Lisa.

Annual Membership:  We are continuing to urge members to renew their memberships as soon as possible.  Please submit your membership renewal application this month to ensure you will be included in the annual club directory.  Membership forms are available on the website.  We have 407 renewed memberships and 97 non-renewals.

Winter Sports:  Lisa Hunter has successfully recruited leaders for cross-country skiing, YakTrax® and snowshoeing events through mid-March.  Saturday and Wednesdays are the days for these events.  Bub Carlson has organized venues for après ski events.  You can find dates/times/venues for these events on our website.

Financials:  John Logan will take over from Stan Hooley in 2015 as Treasurer for the Board.  John is currently being mentored by Stan.

Summer Activities:  Although we are covered in some snow at this time, we continue to look ahead at our summer activity schedule of events.  Stay tuned!

The next PCMSC Board meeting is scheduled for Feb 3, 2015.  Venue TBD.  Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm.

Sheree Anshel, PCMSC Secretary