Board Meeting Summary

Synopsis of Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting – March 3, 2015

The PCMSC Board meeting was called to order at 8:15 pm by President Kathy Kelleher, a quorum was present and minutes of the February 2015 meeting were approved.  Meeting was held at Kathy Kelleher’s home.

New Board Members:  Proposed new board members to be elected at The Bash on March 6, 2015.

Social Activities:  Thank you to Paddy Mollard for organizing The Bash and the Dogs and Suds event, which will be held on June 19.  Tickets for Dogs and Suds will be $10 each so stay tuned for sales of these tickets.

TGIF – Reminder there will be no TGIF on March 27 as this night is set-aside for Volunteer Appreciation night.

Website:  Howard Kantor has actively updated the website for real time current events. Activity coordinators work with Howard to ensure real time currency on all sporting and special events.  Howard appreciates the assistance from contributing club and board members.

Reminder: the website is an avenue for members to learn about activities the club offers: with descriptions, dates, times, and locations for all activities, TGIF’s and any local community events which might be of interest to members.

Kudos to Howard for writing an article for Mountain Express magazine, with assistance from Jon Scarlet and Sheree Anshel about the PCMSC.  The article has been accepted for the summer edition.  Stay tuned and look for the June issue!

Advertising:  Board members are continuing to distribute business cards, which advertise our club to prospective members.  Howard is working on articles for Mountain Express magazine, radio and the Park Record.

Winter Activities – The Winter Activities have been a huge success.  Lisa Hunter reports activities will continue through to March 15.  The last Saturday event is on March 14 with a snowshoe or yak trak hike to the Uintas and a dinner to follow at The Notch.  Thank you Lisa for coordinating all of our winter activities.  And, thank you too to our many wonderful club members who have helped to make all of our events a huge success.

Bub Carlson has organized venues for après ski events.  These events are continuing.  You can find dates/times/venues for these events on our website.  Thank you Bub and our members for such fun après ski events!

Membership:  Membership is continuing to grow and the business cards have been a huge success in promoting our club to prospective new members.

Financials:  John Logan will take over from Stan Hooley in 2015 as Treasurer for the Board.  Club remains on budget.

Summer Activities:  Although we are covered in some snow at this time, we continue to look ahead at our summer activity schedule of events.  Chuck Mollard will be taking over from Jon Scarlet.  Stay tuned!

The next PCMSC Board meeting is scheduled for April 7, 2015.  Venue TBD.  Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm.

Sheree Anshel, PCMSC Secretary



The PCMSC’s annual meeting, “The Bash”, was held on March 6, 2015 at the Yarrow Hotel in Park City.  Kathy Kelleher, 2014 club President called the  meeting to order at 7:50pm.

2014 Minutes:  A quorum was present and 2014 minutes meeting were approved; Jeri Brooke approved and Karyn Barsa seconded.

Budget:  John Logan presented the annual budget for Stan Hooley who was absent from the meeting.  The budget is healthy and goals for 2015 were presented.

Retiring Board Members:  Kathy Kelleher thanked retiring board members, Stan Hooley, Sylvia Bennion and Jon Scarlet for their tremendous service to the club.  Kathy further thanked the other members of the board who she has worked with over the past year.

Election of new 2015 Board members:  A unanimous vote was held to elect the 2015 Board Members.  They are:

Rob Brooke – President

Sheree Anshel – Vice President

Sue Johnson – Secretary

Howard Kantor – Communications

Kathy Kelleher – Past President

Chuck Mollard – Summer Activities

Paddy Mollard – Social

Lisa Hunter – Winter Activities

John Logan – Treasurer

Karen Halverson – TGIF

Peggy Hanson – Membership

Acceptance by 2015 President:  Rob Brooke accepted position as President and made a short speech to the club regarding his vision and goals for 2015.

The official business meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm

Sheree Anshel,  PCMSC Secretary