Board Meeting Summary

Synopsis of Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting, February 3, 2015

By Sue Johnson

The meeting was held at Ruby Tuesday’s and started at 6:45 pm.  The meeting was called to order by the President, Kathy Kelleher and other directors in attendance were: Kathy Kelleher, Rob Brooke, Sue Johnson, Sylvia Bennion, Lisa Hunter, Stan Hooley, and Peggy Hanson.  Invited to attend was John Logan.

A quorum was present.  The minutes from the January meeting were approved.

The nominating committee, consisting of Kathy, Rob and Sue presented a slate of directors for next year which will be voted on at the annual meeting on March 6th. The new slate presented is: President: Rob Brooke, Vice President: Sheree Anshel, Secretary: Sue Johnson, Treasurer: John Logan, Past President: Kathy Kelleher, Communications: Howard Kantor, Membership: Peggy Hanson, Social: Paddy Mollard, TGIF: Karen Halverson, Winter Sports: Lisa Hunter, and Summer Sports: Chuck Mollard.

Stan will present the club’s financials at the annual meeting at the Bash.

Paddy Mollard is coordinating the Bash held on Friday, March 6th at the Yarrow.  The tickets are $45/person.  Please reach out to a board member to purchase a ticket.

Peggy Hanson will have the annual directory ready to be distributed to those attending The Bash.

The club website is being worked on by a committee to have up-to-date information for members to obtain, since the newsletter is no longer being distributed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.