Board Meeting Summary

Board Meeting Summary

Synopsis of Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting August 02, 2016.
By: Jeri Brooke

The meeting was held at the home of Sharon Heckman. The meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm by the President, Sheree Anshel. The Directors in attendance were: Sheree Anshel, Jeri Brooke, Judy Friedman, Sharon Heckman, Howard Kantor, John Logan, Paddy Mollard, Rob Brooke and Ellen Sherk

A quorum was present.

The minutes from the July Board Meeting were approved.

Sheree Anshel indicated numerous requests have arisen to use the club website, email and membership information for non-club activities. The board agreed to establish a policy consistent with the club mission to address such requests

Returning Board members include: Sheree, Jeri, John Logan, Ellen, Sharon, and Howard. John Ritter confirmed he will return next year. Not returning for sure next year include: Judy, Rob, and Paddy. Chuck was absent from the meeting.

Rob Brooke indicated the search and rescue cards are still not available.

John Logan indicated the club’s financial position is strong and that the Y-T-D financials are essentially on budget.

Sharon Heckman stated the club membership as of July 31th is 703. The club directory will be sent out monthly via email, not the internet, to those members who indicated on their membership form they approve of their information being shared in the directory.

Judy Friedman indicated the club will have completed 40 TGIF events by the end of the year with 3 new venues. The events have been very well attended.

Paddy Mollard indicated the Jordanelle event coordinated by Kate Loman was successful. Don Winsor is coordinating the Halloween Party scheduled for Friday 10/28. The Holiday Party will be held at the Marriott on 12/3 in conjunction with the Newcomers Club.

Chuck Mollard’s notes indicated another bike etiquette clinic has been scheduled for 8/23 at 6PM. Please check the calendar for further details.. The Yosemite trip has a few openings remaining.

Ellen Sherk indicated the Grand Canyon trip is full and has members on the waiting list.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.