Board Meeting Summary

Synopsis of Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting, July 7, 2015

By Sue Johnson

The meeting was held at the home of Chuck and Paddy Mollard and started at 6:45 pm.  The meeting was called to order by the President, Rob Brooke and other directors in attendance were: Sheree Anshel, Sue Johnson, Kathy Kelleher, Lisa Hunter, Peggy Hanson, Howard Kantor, Chuck Mollard, Karen Halverson and Paddy Mollard.

A quorum was present.  The minutes from the June meeting were approved.

At club events, there will be a stick to add to your name tag if you are a new member so others will recognize new members to extend a welcome.

Paddy Mollard coordinated another great successful annual Dog and Suds on June 19th at the Park City Park.

Paddy is now coordinating the annual Summer Picnic at the Jordanelle to be held on Friday, July 17th.  The location will be at COVE #1.

Mark your calendars for the Winter Kick-off meeting to be held at Sun Peak on Friday, November 20th.  More details to come.

Chuck Mollard stated that a new tennis group has been organized and is now up and running.   Dan Nelson agreed to coordinate this program with the help of Linda Taylor, Lori Tarmey and Teresa Polistina.  If you are interested in joining the tennis group, please contact one of the members listed above.

Karen Halverson has done an outstanding job coordinating the club’s TGIF’s for the past two years.  She will continue to do so through the end of 2015.  The board is looking for someone who may be interested in the TGIF role starting in September (to work along with Karen before the end of the year) and with this role, you would join the Sports Club as a board member.  If you are interested, please contact any board member.  Thank you!

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.