Presidents Message

This past month, we were fortunate to have significant snowfall, almost half of our year-to-date total. Skiing has improved dramatically, and our groups have been very active. Many thanks to the leaders who stepped in to fill my void. We usually get some great later snowfalls, so keep the skis waxed and ready.

It’s ironic that the East Coast has had four major storms with a lot more snow. But that is Mother Nature! The good news of living in Utah, is that there is always another great outdoor activity available.

We are now experiencing much warmer weather and rain below 10,000 feet, which unfortunately is the Park City peak. And it looks like this trend will continue until resort closings, which are only a few weeks away. But despair not. The club has plenty of other activities for the restless. And many activities like TGIFs and Après Skis are indoors, eliminating the weather as a factor.
One upcoming activity to look forward to is golf. Consider joining our weekly outing. The season will get fully underway as soon as Park City Muni is converted from cross-county skiing to a golf course. Since spring looks like it is arriving early, we may play other courses down valley until PC Muni opens. Some courses opened over a month ago and have been getting a considerable amount of play.
Spring will be opening up opportunities for leaders and many are already scheduled for biking, hiking and much more. As the club continues to grow in membership, there is a need for more leaders both for new activities and to keep group sizes to enjoyable levels.  As mentioned last month, try leading an activity you enjoy. Existing coordinators and leaders will be glad to mentor you if needed.

Until next month, see you on the slopes, trails, and at social activities.

John Logan