Presidents Message

The hot and dry days of July provided many opportunities for members to get out and enjoy the company of others while participating in PCMSC social and sporting events. The calendar was filled with activities, including: paddling, 9 and 18-hole golf; leisure, moderate and strenuous hikes; leisure, A, B and C level road bike rides; moderate and advanced mountain biking; tennis; disc golf; knit & stitch; bridge; TGIF and our picnic at the Jordanelle Reservoir. I would have to quit my job and clone a twin to participate in all the recreational outings listed on the club calendar.
We had nearly 130 members attend the July 1st hike, bike and picnic at our home in Jeremy Ranch. Many thanks to Stan and Donna Kozlowski, Barb Maben, Wendy Edwards, Peggy Hansen and Mike Cohen for all the food preparation that occurred while the rest of us were on the trails. Thanks also to Stan, Don Winsor, and Renee Jester who helped set up the tents and tables the day before and to hike and bike leaders: Sheri Thomas, Linda Miller, Joan O’Donnell, Bub Carlson, Bob Johnson, Rob Brooke, and Don Winsor. The event would not have been possible without everyone’s help.
The annual event at the Jordanelle was another huge success thanks to the behind the scenes work by Kate Loman, Paddy and Chuck Mollard, Diane Ferber and Glenda White. The coals glowed white hot for cooking, salads, sides and deserts contributed by members were among the best I can recollect. The bean bag toss game was a big hit and was enjoyed by many.  Thanks to all who contributed and participated in these two big events and made them a wonderful experience for all who attended.
The club is healthy from both a financial and member perspective. We continue to operate on budget and have increased our membership and participation over last year. The current board is focused on your satisfaction. Many thanks are due to all the board members for their hard work in keeping the club and events rolling smoothly and for searching out new activities of interest for our members.
This year, club member Tony Edwards has launched Leisure Bike Rides for members. These rides are suitable for all types of bikes from beach cruisers to mountain bikes. They are at an easy, comfortable pace with none or a few gentle climbs, a distance not to exceed 10 miles and limited elevation gain. The expected pace is 4 to 6 mph, but will be determined during the ride to accommodate the slowest rider. The aim for the rides is a fun based and relaxing ride. Some of the previous rides included:
  • Starbucks at Kimble Junction up to the old barn and back via Willow Creek. 
  • Miners Hospital up to Snow Park Lodge at Deer Valley, then back down to the No Name Saloon then back to the Miners Hospital.
  • Maxwell’s at Kimble Junction, around the Swaner Preserve to Willow Creek park and back to Maxwell’s.
Further rides are planned, depending upon uptake, so if you are looking for such a ride, please keep your eye on the calendar.  We are also looking for volunteers to lead future rides so please contact Tony at who will assist in route identification and planning. Thank you Tony for helping get this activity up and running.
Volunteer leaders are still needed to fill in more activities in August.  If you have an interest in any event, please step up and offer to help organize or lead it for everyone’s enjoyment. Stacie Hogan is looking for additional hike leaders and Bob Gurss is looking for additional bike leaders in August. Check with one of them if you can help out.  Volunteering is fun and rewarding for both you and the participants.
Hope to see you at a club event in the near future.

Jeri Brooke