Most of our Club activities involve getting a good workout and building up a sweat.  The TGIF/POTLUCK gatherings are a welcomed change in that itinerary, by providing a weekly social feature of the Club.  It is an opportunity to gather with friends, make new friends, and do so in an informal and relaxed setting.   We have been very fortunate to have many members generously open their homes to the Club.  It is our goal to continue to schedule these events, and to encourage club members to be our hosts.  In that spirit, we offer the following guidelines in order to give our hosts and the members some idea of the Club’s expectations, as well as the opportunity for the hosts to “customize” their event.

  • Please bring a dish large enough to share with 8-10 people and bring your own serving utensils and serving dish, with your name clearly marked on both.
  • Please BYO beverages with your name marked on all bottles & cans, or put them in your own container. This will insure that others will not help themselves to your beverage by mistake.  You are requested to take home the bottles/cans that you brought.
  • Please bring your own chairs to summer TGIF home events as often there may be seating outside..
  • Each host maintains the right to limit the number of attendees. Please be aware that the event may list a maximum number of guests and will require your RSVP in advance.  You will be notified whether your RSVP has been accepted.  We kindly ask if you did not have your RSVP accepted to please not attend.  Some people just do not have large enough homes to accommodate everyone.
  • Please arrive and leave within the scheduled event times from 6-8:30pm. The hosts have the discretion to extend the party after 8:30pm if they choose.
  • To insure that club members will continue to open their homes to our club members, we maintain an honor code that asks you to immediately notify the host if you caused any damage to the premises, including if you spill any food or beverage. This will allow the host an opportunity to take swift and appropriate steps to clean the affected area to their satisfaction.


At restaurants, please pay for your own drinks and food.  On occasion, management might serve complimentary appetizers, but please do not “expect” this.  Because it is difficult for these establishments to run individual tabs for so many, PCMSC members are encouraged to tip generously.