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This year there will be weekly scheduled road bike rides for different ability levels, in addition to scheduled mountain bike rides.

The details on the scheduled bike rides may be found on the website under the “calendar” tab .

The road bike ride categories are established to encourage greater participation so that riders can cycle at a pace, distance, terrain and rest periods that are comfortable and enjoyable, but also provide good exercise.

The 3 levels of road bike rides will follow the following general classifications:

A Ride:  For fit cyclists.  Average pace between 15.0 and 17.0+ MPH with a distance between 35 to 50 miles or more.  Long climbs are routine.  Generally one rest stop.  Leader rides at listed pace.  Slower riders may be dropped.

B Ride:  For accomplished cyclists.  Average pace between 13.0 and 15.0 MPH with a distance between 20 to 35 miles. Some climbing depending on the route.  Up to 15 miles between rest stops.  Leader shall sweep at no slower than 13 MPH, but no one will be dropped.

C Ride:  For experienced cyclists who want an easier pace.  Average pace between 10.0 to 12.0 MPH with a distance between 15 to 25 miles.  Some rolling hills with no steep climbs. Rest stops as needed.  No one will be dropped.

In order to insure there is a proper match-up between a riders ability and the above B and C categories, an effort will be made to have each of these rides scheduled for the same day.

Hybrid bikes are welcome for B & C level rides, if you can maintain the pace.  They are not recommended for A level rides. Mountain bikes are discouraged from all road bike rides, as it will be difficult for the rider to keep up the pace. 

In addition, there are Leisurely Ride:  For members who want to ride at an easy, comfortable pace with gentle climbs and a distance not to exceed 5 to 10 miles. The expected pace is 4 to 6 mph, but we will determine the pace during the ride to accommodate the slowest rider.  In an effort to minimize road / traffic these rides will maximize use of cycle paths. Rest stops as needed.  No riders will be dropped.  For Leisurely rides, all types of human-powered bikes, including beach cruisers are acceptable.

E-bikes are not permitted on PCMSC organized rides.


“Average Speed” is the average speed while riding.  Speeds on flat terrain are noticeably higher.

“Dropped” means that the group and/or leader is not required to wait for a rider that cannot keep pace.

“No one dropped” means that the group or a volunteer rider will slow the ride down so that a rider that cannot keep the pace still has company on the ride.  In such case, the rider should consider a less aggressive ride for future rides or until their fitness level increases.


No one will be permitted to cycle with the Club unless they wear a bicycle helmet.

All participants in a Club ride (member and/or guests) must sign a “Park City Mountain Sports Club Activity Release Form”, which shall be presented to riders by the ride leader at the meeting location prior to the ride.  

Road Biking Coordinator for 2018: Bob Gurss – – cell: 202-236-1743

Mountain Biking Coordinator for 2018: Don Winsor – – cell: 801-673-5866

Leisurely Ride Coordinator for 2018: Tony Edwards –