PCMSC Road Bike Riding Participant’s Guide – 2017

Club Bike Rides

The Club offers four levels of road bike rides as listed below: These are designed to offer club members of widely differing capabilities the opportunity to enjoy group road bike riding in our beautiful Park City and its environs.

  • A level Ride: For fit cyclists. Average pace between 15.0 and 17.0+ MPH with a distance between 35 to 50 miles or more. Long climbs are routine. Generally, one rest stop. Leader rides at listed pace. Slower riders may be dropped.
  • B level Ride: For accomplished cyclists. Average pace between 13.0 and 15.0 MPH with a distance between 20 to 30 miles. Some climbing depending on the route. Up to 15 miles between rest stops. Leader shall sweep at no slower than 13 MPH. No riders will be dropped.
  • C level Ride: For experienced cyclists who want an easier pace. Average pace between 10.0 to 12.0 MPH with a distance between 15 to 25 miles. Some rolling hills with no steep climbs. Rest stops as needed. No riders will be dropped.
  • Leisurely Ride: For members who want to ride at an easy, comfortable pace with gentle climbs and a distance not to exceed 5 to 10 miles. The expected pace is 4 to 6 mph, but we will determine the pace during the ride to accommodate the slowest rider. In an effort to minimize road / traffic these rides will maximize use of cycle paths. Rest stops as needed. No riders will be dropped.

It is very important each individual rider understand their proficiency in bike riding as well as their ability to ride at the A, B or C level distance, pace and elevation gains. To help members assess their riding ability, they can access the turn-by- turn ride instructions for the Park City Loop and time their ride. Members can then compare the assessed ride time to the club’s published chart to see what level of ride is suitable for them. This information can be found on the Club’s website, under “Summer Sports”, “Biking”. Further, as members ride more they can update their assessment to see if they are ready for the next level ride. If you have any questions regarding your fitness level or you need to acclimate to Park City’s altitude, it is strongly advised to start at the easier levels until you are confident you can advance.

Bike Ride Leader Each scheduled ride will be led by a volunteer leader. On some rides the leader will have an assistant to act as a sweep. The leader responsibilities include:

  • Remaining in charge.
  • Cancelling a scheduled ride due to weather, etc.
  • Describing the route, approximate distance, pace, elevation gain, rest frequencies as well as notable sights
  • Confirming rider equipment
  • Enforcing rider drop rules, if required

 Biking Protocols for Riders:

  • Riders should obey motor vehicle and bicycle laws for the state of Utah and use appropriate hand signals when turning, slowing or stopping
  • Do not ride abreast when you may hinder traffic flow around you
  • Call out and point to hazards such as: “hole”, “grate”, “glass”, “rough road”, “car back”, “car up”, etc. which may save other riders from injury
  • Call out rider intentions: “slowing”, “stopping”, Turning right”, “turning left”
  • Never call out “clear” at an intersection, since conditions can rapidly change for following riders.
  • Riders are encouraged to keep the outlined pace, if there are faster riders they will be allowed to go ahead
  • Riders are asked to inform leader if they are injured or are intending to leave the ride
  • Riders must sign the Activity Release Form

Required Equipment: Well functioning bike, flat tire repair kit, helmet and sufficient water

Notice: Park City Mountain Sports Club is a club of independent adults, each ultimately responsible for his or her own safety. This list is published for you to use as a guide as you see fit.