Please Review the Six Hiking Essentials and the Hike Difficulty Levels at the bottom of this page.  Know what to pack so you can get back.

Note to non-members:  We welcome guests to join us in all our activities. After coming to some of our events, if you like what we do, we would expect you'll join our club. Members can always bring guests.

May is the first month we schedule hikes for the season. Come out and hike.  Details on all scheduled hikes may be found under the "calendar" tab.  There is also a detailed description of the hike, including a general description, meeting place, meeting time, difficulty, pace, distance, elevation gain and approximate hiking time.  Be sure you are familiar with the hike description and that you are able to keep up with the group.

The hike coordinators for the 2015 hiking season are as follows:

Easy hikes - Joyce Pearson - joycepearson@mac.com

Moderate hikes:

May - Robin Reade - readetwiggs@allwest.net

June - Jiang Ma - jiangma9@yahoo.com

July - Bub Carlson - pcutbub@gmail.com

August - Denny Saturnino - dennysat@hoymail.com

September - Jay Frankenfield - jfrankenfield@icloud.com

October - Lisa Hunter - hunt5994@bellsouth.net

Strenuous hikes - David Anderson - danderson@dcalaw.org

Your club needs you to lead hikes. Pitch in and contribute.  Even if you're not here full time or have never led a hike, contact one of the coordinators listed above.  They can show you hikes and tell you how it's done.

Hike Difficulty Levels  These are generalities - every hike is different

Easy Hikes: 1-2 hours,  gradual hills

Moderate Hikes: 2-5 hours, moderate hills, some steep parts, could have loose sand, rocky sections, may involve some hand and foot scrambling.

Strenuous Hikes: Here's what David Anderson says about Strenuous Hikes. "Please be very certain that a strenuous hike is a good match for your abilities and expectations. You should be in excellent physical condition and possess keen hiking skills and the ability to keep up with the group throughout the hike. We try to maintain a brisk pace throughout and to finish together so that we can go out afterwards for a meal and drinks. Because of the nature of strenuous hikes, scrambling, exposure, route finding and other challenges are frequently present. The pace during both ascent and descent is faster, with greater distance, elevation gain and fewer rest breaks than during moderate hikes. Please check with the leader of the hike if you are not certain that your abilities and interests are compatible with the group's." 

All participants on any hike must sign the "Park City Mountain Sports Club - Activity Release Form" prior to commencing the hike.  A copy of this form may be found on the Club's website under the tab "about us" and the sub-tab "forms".

Six Hiking Essentials - what to pack so you can get back

  • Fluids - water, sports drink – take more than minimum
  • Food - take more than minimum
  • Clothes - rain gear, layers, hat, hiking shoes - not soft sneakers
  • Personal - sunglasses, sunscreen, insect spray, health insurance card, credit card
  • Equipment - pocketknife, multitool, fire starter, flashlight (new batteries), first aid kit, rope, signaling mirror, whistle, Mylar “space” blanket, hiking poles, cell phone (fully charged)
  • Navigation- map, compass, GPS