Hikes Scheduled for September 2014

Please Review the Six Hiking Essentials and the Hike Difficulty Levels at the bottom of this page.  Know what to pack so you can get back.

Note to non-members:  We welcome guests to join us in all our activities. After coming to one or two events, if you like what we do, we would expect you’ll join our club. Members can always bring guests.

September is a great month for hiking – its’ getting cooler, the leaves are turning colors. And it’s one month closer to skiing. Here are our September hikes. Jay Frankenfield is the  September Hike Coordinator  Your club needs you to lead hikes. Pitch in. Contribute. Even if you’re not here full time or have never led a hike, contact Jay (jfrankenfield@icloud.com).  He can show you hikes and tell you how it’s done.

Hike Difficulty Levels  These are generalities – every hike is different

Easy Hikes: 1-2 hours,  gradual hills

Moderate Hikes: 2-5 hours, moderate hills, some steep parts, could have loose sand, rocky sections, may involve some hand and foot scrambling.

Strenuous Hikes: Here’s what David Anderson says about Strenuous Hikes. “Please be very certain that a strenuous hike is a good match for your abilities and expectations. You should be in excellent physical condition and possess keen hiking skills and the ability to keep up with the group throughout the hike. We try to maintain a brisk pace throughout and to finish together so that we can go out afterwards for a meal and drinks. Because of the nature of strenuous hikes, scrambling, exposure, route finding and other challenges are frequently present. The pace during both ascent and descent is faster, with greater distance, elevation gain and fewer rest breaks than during moderate hikes. Please check with the leader of the hike if you are not certain that your abilities and interests are compatible with the group’s.”

Monday, September 1st (Labor Day) Bub Carlson will lead a moderate hike to Summit Park Peak. This is a loop route of about 3 ½ hrs and 5 miles with a 1,400 ft elevation gain.  Bring a snack or lunch to eat at the top while we enjoy the wonderful views. Dogs are allowed. Meet at PC Bagels in Pinebrook at 9:00.  Bub’s number is 658-4728 (h). Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Saturday, September 6th Diane Schnarr will lead a moderate hike from the top of Pinebrook toward the Canyons via the Mid-Mountain Trail.  The hike is about 800 vertical feet and will last about 3.5 hours. Based on the practice hike, we should see the start of fall colors.  Meet at PC Bagels at 9:00 to carpool to the trail head.  Bring a snack or lunch to enjoy at the turnaround.  Diane’s number is 801-943-9056 (h) or 801-502-8202 (c). Dogs are welcome and don’t forget the Six Hiking Essentials.

Mid-week bonus hike — Thursday, September 11th Barry & Linda Leaventon will lead a Shingle Creek Hike. Meet at Wasatch Bagel at 8:30.  We will carpool to the trail head on the left at mile marker #10 in the Uintas. Bring your National Park Pass. We will hike 1 3/4 hours to the second bridge, along the stream the entire way. Very little elevation gain. We will stop for a snack and turn around before the serious elevation gain. Dogs, moose, cattle, and deer welcome. Those desiring will stop for lunch in Kamas at the Mirror Lake Diner, so make sure you carpool with those desiring lunch or not desiring lunch. Barry & Linda Leaventon, 216-214-4502, lrl814@comcast.net

Sunday, September 14th Denny Saturnino will lead a moderate hike on the great Western Trail north from Big Mountain Pass.  This out and back hike will be 5 miles with about 1,200 foot elevation gain.  We haven’t done this hike in several years, but the views along the top of the ridge are great!  Sorry, but no dogs allowed in Salt Lake drainage.  Meet at PC Bagels in Pinebrook at 9:00.  Denny’s number is 435 659 1666 and email is dennysat@hotmail.com . Please review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.


Wednesday, September 17th Sheree Anshel will lead a moderate hike in Toll Canyon. This out-and-back hike is about 3 – 3 ½ hrs and 5-6 miles with a 900 to 1,200 ft. elevation gain depending on how far we go.  Bring a snack or lunch to eat at the top while we enjoy the views. Also if you have something, bring a small gift to leave at the “fairy tree” that Sheree will explain on the hike.  Dogs are allowed. Meet at PC Bagels in Pinebrook at 9:00.  Sheree’s number is 214-914-9140 or email slanshel@gmail.com .  Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Sunday, September 21st, Marion Klaus will lead a moderate “out and back” hike along the Great Western trail from Guardsman Pass to Scotts Peak and beyond. The hike will be about 6 miles, have a 1,000 ft vertical, and take 3.5 to 4 hrs. Since the hike is along the Wasatch Crest the views are stunning. Dogs are not permitted in the Salt Lake watershed. Bring a snack or lunch to enjoy along with the view.  Meet at 9:00 at Wasatch Bagels or at 9:30 at the Guardsman Pass trailhead. Marion’s numbers are 435 604 0314 (h) and 801 4400 4385 (m). Please review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Sunday, September 21, 2014, Iron Mountain with views of Autumn Aloft, a semi-strenuous hike.  Autumn Aloft (a hot air balloon show) is returning after many years to Park City.  The leader, Pam Carlquist, is inviting club members for an early morning brisk hike to the top of Iron Mountain.  Please consider bringing a thermos of coffee, breakfast items, etc. and watch the festivities. Meet the leader at 7 AM at the trailhead for a prompt departure.  The festivities start at 7 AM and go until about 9:30 AM.  We’ll be moving swiftly up the mountain to catch as much of it as we can.  For more information contact the leader, Pam Carlquist, 435.513.0597

Sunday, September 28th, Lori and Ed Tarmey will lead a moderate hike on the Mormon Trail.  The hike is about 6 miles round trip with an 800 foot elevation gain.  Lori and Ed guarantee the fall foliage will be beautiful.  Bring a snack or lunch to enjoy at the turnaround point.  Meet at PC Bagels in Pinebrook at 9:00.  Dogs are welcome.  Lori’s number is 954 444 9723 or LATarmey@comcast.net

September 28, 2014, Mt. Nebo a strenuous hike.  Pam Carlquist will lead a strenuous hike of Mt. Nebo. This may offer fall colors at some elevations. The hike is to the south peak, elevation 11,877 with a total elevation gain of about 5,300 feet. The duration will be about eight hours. Mt. Nebo is the highest mountain in the Wasatch Range, offers exceptional views and pleasurable hiking. Bring adequate fluids, rain gear (the summit is cool and windy), food and other essentials. Dogs are invited. Please meet at Wasatch Bagels at 7:30 AM to carpool to the trailhead. For more information contact the leader, Pam Carlquist, 435.513.0597

The Six Hiking Essentials – what to pack so you can get back

  • Fluids – water, sports drink – take more than minimum
  • Food – take more than minimum
  • Clothes – rain gear, layers, hat, hiking shoes - not soft sneakers
  • Personal – sunglasses, sunscreen, insect spray, health insurance card, credit card
  • Equipment – pocketknife, multitool, fire starter, flashlight (new batteries), first aid kit, rope, signaling mirror, whistle, Mylar “space” blanket, hiking poles, cell phone (fully charged)
  • Navigation- map, compass, GPS