Hikes Scheduled for July 2014

Please Review the Six Hiking Essentials and the Hike Difficulty Levels at the bottom of this page.  Know what to pack so you can get back.

Note to non-members:  We welcome guests to join us in all our activities. After coming to one or two events, if you like what we do, we would expect you’ll join our club. Members can always bring guests.

Here are the great July hikes planned by our illustrious hike coordinators: Bub Carlson – July Moderate Hikes, David Anderson-Strenuous and Overnight Hikes, and Jan Jaworski-  more relaxed “Slow Turtle” Hikes. Please contact one of them and offer to lead a hike. We can help you if you’ve never led one. All difficulty levels are listed below. Call the leader if the weather looks bad.  Watch email for last minute changes.

Thurs, July 3, Kitty Imdahl will lead a verly long moderate SLOW hike up Jenni’s trail at PCMR. The hike will be about 5.1 mi, have 1300 vertical ft up to 8200 feet in elevation, which is why we are going at a slow pace and meeting at 8:30 am.   Please bring lots of water for you and your four footed friends and snacks.  Dogs are allowed.  The trail was new at PCMR in 2012.  Park in the upper parking lot and meet at 8:30 am under the umbrellas a little uphill from the base plaza and to the right of the Payday Lift Base.  The Legacy will be open for bathrooms.  Jenni’s Trail is in and out of trees and a lot of switchbacks with some climbing, but it is a long beautiful hike.  It starts out going back & forth on the right side of PCMR past First Time & 3 Kings Lifts, and then under Crescent Lift and back over to Eagle Lift before going to the top of the Town & Payday Lifts.  We can have lunch at one of the restaurants at the base area of PCMR.  Kitty’s number is 649-3719. Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Monday July 7th at 5:30 Slow Turtle Hike -Jan Jaworski will lead a tour around Old Town, Meet in front of the Kimball Arts Center. This is a repeat of hike done last summer when we got rained on. Jan phone 435 658 4903

Sun, July 6, Jeri and Rob Brooke will lead a moderate hike up the Flying Dog Trail above Jeremy Ranch followed by a pot luck at their home. This loop hike will be about 8 mi, have an 1100 ft vertical, and take 4 hrs. An alternative easy hike stops at an overlook part way up and returns the same way; this shorter version has about a 600 ft vertical, is 3 mi, and will take 2 hrs. Meet at the Brooke’s at 9036 Sackett Dr in Jeremy Ranch where you can drop off your food and be ready for a departure at 9 am sharp. BYOB. Dogs invited. Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.  Please e-mail Jeri at jbrooke@tribalexpressions.com in advance if you will be attending the pot luck so they can have a count for burgers and brats. 

Sunday, July 6, 2013, David Anderson will lead the semi-strenuous version of the Notch Mountain Trail hike in the Uintah Mountains (this should not be confused with the out-and-back hike to the Notch). This will be classified a strenuous hike because of the 12 mile distance and pace. The elevation gain will be slightly less than 1,500 feet and elevation loss of 2,300 feet. We start at the Bald Mountain Trailhead and finish at the Trial Lake Trailhead. The hike will pass several lakes before lunch at Meadow Lake. The return will pass through the Notch and pass other beautiful lakes. Meet at Wasatch Bagels at 8:30 AM, and carpool to the trailhead (on the way we will leave a car at Trial Lake). With a brisk pace the hiking time should be five to six hours. Anticipate the possibility of cool weather, showers and bugs. Dogs are invited to participate. For more information contact the leader, David Anderson, 801.599.0618 or danerson@dcalaw.org

Wed, July 9, Jon Scarlet will lead a moderate loop hike to the Three Divide Lakes in the Uintas. This spectacular route will pass more than 15 lakes. The hike will be about 6 mi, have a 1400 ft vertical, involve some bushwhacking, and will take 4 hrs. Dogs invited. Bring a lunch, raingear, and mosquito repellant (or a friend who attracts mosquitoes). We need to leave early to avoid late afternoon showers in the Uintas, so meet at 8:30 at Wasatch Bagels. The trailhead is near the Crystal Lake campground 20 mi east of Kamas. Jon’s number is 658-0390. Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Sat, July 12, Diane and Paul Schnarr will lead a moderate wildflower hike up Brighton Basin to Catherine’s Lake, or for those who prefer, a little higher up to Catherine’s Pass. The hike will be about 5 mi, have a 1,500 ft vertical, and take 3 hrs to Catherine Lake. For those who continue up to Catherine Pass it will be an additional 250 ft. Dogs are not permitted in Cottonwood Canyons. Bring a lunch. Meet at 9 am at Wasatch Bagels (off Kearns) or at the trailhead at the base of Brighton at 9:45. Diane and Paul’s number is 801-943-9056 (h) or 801-502-8202 9 (c). Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Saturday, July 12     Entry Level Overnight Backpack Hike, A note from David AndersonThis is an entry level backpacking trip for the Club. Based upon feedback, this will be a single night; however if you desire to have two nights please let me know and the destination may change to accommodate either staying one or two nights. In either case the hike in will be about two miles to the camp, which translates to about an hour of walking. We may proceed at a more relaxed pace depending on the desires of the group. If this is a one night trip we will go to Hoover Lake in the Uinta Mountains. The trailhead is 30.5 miles from Kamas. If some desire two nights we will still be in the same area but on the west side of Highway 150, perhaps Long Lake with the option of a loop hike around the many other lakes in that area.

Regardless of the location the trail will have little elevation gain or loss and will be in good condition. If you are interested please send an email and let me know your preference of one or two nights. The start date is Saturday, July 12, 2014. Participants will receive email details of the meeting place to carpool to the trailhead. You should organize your own meals, however if you are participating with friends, your group may want to discuss sharing equipment and meal planning.

Make sure you bring all necessary equipment. If you desire information about backpacking, I will email general information to you and remember REI rents equipment, including lightweight tents, stoves, etc. Do not anticipate that others will be able to provide equipment or supplies for your use, since each person generally only carries enough fuel for their own use, etc. Since extra anything translates to greater weight, do not expect that there will extra food, fuel or equipment available for your use or consumption.

If you have questions or need assistance in setting up your tent, I can help. Please check to make sure you bring the complete package, such as tent poles, etc. Because of the season expect bugs–bring repellent, long pants and perhaps a head net. Even though the hike will not be long, avoid bringing extra items so your pack will not feel like a boulder, as opposed to a rock.

Once camp is setup we will explore the area and return for social hour and dinner on your own schedule. If some are staying a second night we will decide whether to move camp or just day hike and return to the established camp for the second evening. Those staying one night may participate on the next day’s hike and return to their cars when it is over. Remember to store food away from your tent and the camp. An easy way is to hang it from a reasonably high tree limb so critters cannot get to it.

Please let me know if you have an interest or want to sign up. Also please provide any suggestions, comments or questions. Thanks, David Anderson, danderson@dcalaw.org, 801.599.0618.

Wed, July 16, Jean Ballinger will lead an easy wildflower hike up Albion Basin to Catherine’s Pass overlooking the Brighton Lakes. The hike will be about 2 mi, have an 800 ft vertical, and take 1 ½ hrs. For those who wish a moderate hike can continue up to Sunset Peak; it is an additional 1 mi, 650 ft, and 45 min. No dogs allowed in Cottonwood Canyons. Bring a snack, or if you wish you can join us for lunch after at Snowbird. Meet at 9 am at Park City Bagels/Pinebrook or at the Catherine Pass trailhead in Albion Basin at 10. Jean’s number is 317-696-2120. Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Sun, July 20, Lisa Hunter will lead a moderate hike up the Twin Lakes Trail at Brighton from Silver Lake, past Twin Lakes,  to Twin Lakes Pass between Brighton and Alta. The hike will be about 5 mi, have a 1000 ft vertical, and take 3 hrs. The views are outstanding.  Dogs are not allowed in Cottonwood Canyons. Bring a lunch or a snack. Meet at 9:00 at Wasatch Bagels off Kearns or at the Silver Lake trailhead at 9:30. Bub’s number is 658-4728. Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.  Lisa’s number is 770-630-2233. Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Sunday, July 20th, 2014. This Brighton Rim strenuous hike, second half. This starts at the base of Mount Millicent Ski Area in Brighton at 9:30 AM. It will proceed to Twin Lakes, then to Mount Millicent’s summit. We will visit the tops of Mount Wolverine and Mount Tuscarora on our way to Catherine Pass. From there it is all downhill to Brighton. This will be 4-5 miles with 2,200 to 2,400 vertical elevation gain and should require four to five hours. There will be some minor scrambling to reach some summits. No exposure is anticipated. There will not be a defined trail in some locations. There will be great views of the Uintah Mountains, and Little Cottonwood. Meet informally at Park City Bread & Bagel, 3126 Quarry Road, Jeremy Ranch exit at 8:45 AM to carpool to the trailhead where the leader will meet you at 9:30 AM. Dogs are not permitted in this canyon. Bring a lunch and the six essentials. Contact leader, David Anderson for more information (801.599.0618 or danderson@dcalaw.org).

Monday, July 21st at 5:30 Slow Turtle Hike – Ken Jaworski will lead the hike, meet in the parking lot near the First Time Ski lift at PCMR. Jan phone 435 658 4903

Wed, July 24, Lori Tarmey will lead a moderate Pioneer Day hike from Empire Pass/Little Guardsman Pass along a ridge to the south to the Heber overlook and back.  The trail has scenic views of the Wasatch and Timpanogas. The hike will be about 5 mi, have a 1,000 ft vertical, and take 2 1/2 hrs. Dogs welcome. Bring a snack. Meet at Wasatch Bagels off Kearns at 9:00 to car pool or at 9:30 at Empire Pass. Lori’s number is 954-444-9723. Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Sat, July 26, Jiang Ma will lead a moderate hike from Empire Pass (aka Little Guardsman Pass) to the top of Jupiter Peak (above Puma and Jupiter Bowls at PCMR). The hike will be about 5 mi, have a 1300 ft vertical, and take 3 hrs. The views along the ridge and at the top are great. Dogs welcome. Bring a snack or lunch. Meet at 9:00 at Wasatch Bagels, or 9:30 at Empire Pass. Jiang’s number is 801-915-0487. Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Wed, July 30, Howard Kantor will lead a moderate loop hike on the Lofty Lakes loop in the Uintas. This picturesque route will pass 10 alpine lakes. The hike will be about 5 mi, have a 1,000 ft vertical, and take 3 hrs. Dogs invited. Bring a lunch, raingear, and mosquito repellant. We need to leave early to avoid late afternoon showers in the Uintas, so meet at 8:30 at Wasatch Bagels. The trail begins at the Pass Lake trailhead 32 mi east of Kamas, on the left side after you pass both Mirror Lake and Pass Lake. Howard’s number is 200-8141 (h) and 413-695-0277 (c). Review the list of the Six Hiking Essentials.

Hike Difficulty Levels  These are generalities – every hike is different

Easy Hikes: 1-2 hours,  gradual hills

Moderate Hikes: 2-5 hours, moderate hills, some steep parts, could have loose sand, rocky sections, may involve some hand and foot scrambling.

Strenuous Hikes: Here’s what David Anderson says about Strenuous Hikes. “Please be very certain that a strenuous hike is a good match for your abilities and expectations. You should be in excellent physical condition and possess keen hiking skills and the ability to keep up with the group throughout the hike. We try to maintain a brisk pace throughout and to finish together so that we can go out afterwards for a meal and drinks. Because of the nature of strenuous hikes, scrambling, exposure, route finding and other challenges are frequently present. The pace during both ascent and descent is faster, with greater distance, elevation gain and fewer rest breaks than during moderate hikes. Please check with the leader of the hike if you are not certain that your abilities and interests are compatible with the group’s.”

The Six Hiking Essentials – what to pack so you can get back

  • Fluids – water, sports drink – take more than minimum
  • Food – take more than minimum
  • Clothes – rain gear, layers, hat, hiking shoes - not soft sneakers
  • Personal – sunglasses, sunscreen, insect spray, health insurance card, credit card
  • Equipment – pocketknife, multitool, fire starter, flashlight (new batteries), first aid kit, rope, signaling mirror, whistle, Mylar “space” blanket, hiking poles, cell phone (fully charged)
  • Navigation- map, compass, GPS