Tennis – 2017

Lori Tarmey, Darlene Messina and Stacie Hogan will head up the tennis program and they have arranged to have 3 courts for play, on Sunday evenings,  from 4-6PM, at the PC MARC (outside) and will start on June 4th. Tennis will continue through September and/or October, as determined by the weather…

Stacie has asked the tennis members to contact her (only her) if they no longer wish to be on this list, as weekly tennis e-mails will start to go out in late May… Once play has begun for the season, all questions should be directed first to Stacie, and then to Darlene if need be.

The tennis will be in a round robin format and members are requested that their level be 3.0 or higher to allow all courts/players to be balanced. 12 players are needed weekly as well as 4 subs to be on standby.

Please RSVP to Stacie via email by Sunday morning before the Sunday you wish to play.

Players that sign up and then have to cancel will need to find a sub for themselves. A contact list has been provided to everyone who wishes to play.

There is a nominal court fee, that everyone will share when checking in at the MARC desk, and everyone will be asked to bring balls from time-to-time.

The co-coordinators are hoping for a great weekly turnout 😉

Contact information:

Stacie Hogan,, 954 309 4513

Lori Tarmey,, 954 444 9723

Darlene Messina, d@darlenemessina, 602 617 0703